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I don't know the purpose of this article unless they plan on hitting every team in the playoffs, but it is what it is.  This article lists out the matchups between the Bears and the Giants and who would win.  The Bears are given the edge in all, but one of the categories.

Personnel: Tiki Barber is the franchise with 327 carries. Giants offensive line averages 317 pounds; Bears Des average 260. DT Ian Scott has provided a boost since joining the starting lineup. Bears need to force Giants into being one-dimensional, i.e., passing.
Production: Barber's farewell season has been memorable--he's No. 4 in the NFL with 1,662 yards rushing and a 5.1 average, although he topped 100 yards in just two of Giants' final seven games. Barber accounted for 101 first downs receiving and rushing. Bears held last three opponents below 100 yards.
And so ... : Giants have little star power on the offensive line, but Barber is among NFL's elite and broke four runs of 15-plus yards vs. Bears during his 141-yard day in November.

Tiki has been a monster pretty much against anybody he has played, so it comes down to one of those make somebody else beat us scenarios.  If we keep him to around 100 yards and 1 TD and the Giants have to rely on Eli to win, it is a done deal, because Eli might be the one QB going into the playoffs that is a bigger question mark than Rex.  Rex at least has 3 good games in the last 4 to fall on and never lacks confidence.  Eli at times looks like a lost and scared puppy back there.