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Post Season Awards: Defensive ROY

Although, not entirely unexpected Houston got one thing right in the draft when they pulled the Defensive Rookie of the Year, DeMeco Ryans. Ryans pulled in a whopping 36 out of 50 votes.  Chicago rookie Mark Anderson came in second with 5 votes.

While I still would have voted for Anderson, I can't in all rights argue with Ryans.  He was in the starting lineup, though how hard is it to make the Texans starting line up, but he did have 9 games with 10+ tackles and none with lower than 6.  He also ended with 3.5 sacks and 156 tackles.

Anderson led all rookies and finished in the top ten in sacks with 12 sacks.  Coming off the bench and being a pass rusher and not a line backer like Ryans limited his tackle totals to only 28.

Congrats to Ryans and Anderson.