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An Early Look at the Draft

Sure it is way too early, but is it ever really too early to start talking draft?  For me, no.  Just based on record we are picking 30 or 31st.  Of course that will change after we win the Super Bowl. Here are the names that are popping up on the mock drafts for the Bears.  

Zach Miller,  TE, Arizona St

Miller is by far the vote leader right now, that said so was Leonard Pope last year and we didn't take a whiff of him.

Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma

This is obviously thinking that we will not be able to resign Lance Briggs this off season.

Greg Olsen, TE, Miami

Again while Desmond Clark did have an excellent season he is still seen as an average TE.

There is then the list of random wide receivers like Steve Smith from USC and Jeff Samardzija from Notre Dame.

There is even an occasional site that calls for us to waste our first rounder on a QB.  The name mentioned most is Drew Stanton.

Of course, we all know our GM, so a trade down for some guy we don't know is likely and after the draft he pulled off last year I think we will all buy into whatever he does until they prove to be bad picks.