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Bears news and notes

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On the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN radio, he did an interview with Gary Fencik, Bears DB who still leads the Bears in all time interceptions and total tackles.  Both were very complimentary toward how Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith were building not only a team that could have some legs, but also a team that is full of good character guys.

On that point something I hadn't heard before a front office source said the reason the Bengals have so much character problems is because they have only 1 full time scout getting paid, so they can only do so much research.  Most teams have between 6 and 10 plus a few assistants.

This is concerning the amount of dead money Super Bowl teams are carrying.  The Bears only have 3.108 million in dead money mostly in Michael Haynes and Marc Columbo.  For reference this year the Colts have $5.109 million.  The Steelers from last year had $5.939 million and the Seahawks had a whopping $15.328 million wrapped up in 12 players who weren't even on the team.

The Vikings search for a defensive coordinator looks to be waiting until after the Super Bowl, so they can talk to people from both the Bears and Colts squad.  The likely candidate from the Bears is linebackers coach Bob Babich, who has worked with Coach Smith and the Tampa-2, which Minnesota currently uses, since 2003.

I don't think the Bears to be in their right mind if we don't lock up Briggs one way or another, but if he does get free, there will be a ton of suitors.  An early team that was mentioned was the Patriots, but now that that time is closer that looks to not be the case.  Firstly, Briggs is going to break somebody's bank and the Pats aren't  known for shelling out that type of cash, but maybe more importantly the Pats use a gap-control, 3-4 scheme that Briggs, who has played in that system prior, has specifically said he has no wishes to play in it again.