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Consider It a Lock

Marion Wood is probably the oldest living Chicago Bears fan.  At 103 she actually saw Red Grange play, so when she makes a prediction is must be good as gold or Gould depending on how clever you want your articles.

"Many times I lose patience, not with the team but with Rex," she said. "I think for a time he thought he was pretty good and I think he had to be pulled down to size to get him focused on the fact that this is a defensive team, not an offensive team."

This is not to suggest, however, that Wood is not behind Grossman's resurgence. "As I said to somebody recently, poor Rex has been eating beans all this time," she said. "His first two years he was injured, then he had to come up the hard way and now he's ready to graduate to eating skirt steak.

"I think he's practiced hard enough, I think enough that he's going to pull it off if he will just stay focused. But he's the kind of fella who goes off on tangents."

Marion's prediction- Bears by 2