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Kramer speaks on Rex

Ah....remember the good ol days of 29 TD and 10 INT Erik Kramer?  That one season when he went 315 of 522 passes (60.3 percent) for 3,838 yards?  Anyways, somebody tracked him down to discuss the problems with Rex Grossman and Ron Turner, who was also offensive coordinator during Kramer's tenure.

Kramer think that if Grossman could get out of the pocket, if he has that ability, it would greatly help take pressure off of him.

"If you feel comfortable enough to take off and run and you have that ability, then that will be in your bag of tricks," Kramer said. "Obviously with Rex, that's not one of his strengths. ... The more you can run and keep the defense honest, you can find open receivers to throw to."

And while I certainly understand what he is getting at that doesn't really amount to something.  Unless he is pulling the ball down and running often, no team is going to hang back.  Running is an option when you MUST get out of Dodge or you can't throw your way out of a paper bag.