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The Motivation of Rex

This could be seen as just another Bears spin on a bad subject, but this isn't the first time that Grossman has freely admitted to there being a problem.  Not too long ago during Grossman's 'bad' stretch he told reporters that he didn't know what was wrong, which to a playoff team isn't good.  Luckily, the coaches seemed to know and got him turned around.  Now this.  After the Packers loss, Grossman said he did not prepare properly.  The game meant nothing and he didn't put his all into it.

Not that it has to be a big deal, but the fact remains that a decision has still not been made on Grossman as our franchise QB, so things like this really need to be kept behind closed locker rooms.

Coach Lovie Smith said Tuesday that his problem with the 26-7 loss -- to a team that the Bears shut out 26-0 to begin the season -- was execution, not effort. But offensive coordinator Ron Turner talked Wednesday about a lack of preparation.

''[Grossman's] still a young player,'' Turner said, ''and he's still learning the intensity and the preparation and everything that goes along with it and that you have to have that every week. But he wasn't the only one who didn't play well.''

If there is concern that Grossman's poor work habits will carry over into preparation for the divisional playoff game next weekend at Soldier Field, no one was letting on.

''He came out today and threw the ball like he never threw a pick,'' wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad said. ''I've got the same confidence I had in him when he had some bad games earlier. He went on a stretch where he was playing really well, had another bad game. If you follow the trends, he should be able to come back with some good games.''

With two weeks to get Grossman's head straight I have no doubt he will be ready to play, the question is just how well is he going to play.