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Reasons Bears will go to the Super Bowl

Among all the nay sayers and Chicago downfallers, comes a beacon of light.  OK, it isn't that big a deal, but it is nice to see somebody actually talking about why the Bears SHOULD make the  Super Bowl as opposed the the normal he is why they won't.

Soldier Field
Yes, the last two playoff losses have come at home - and after a bye, no less. But Soldier Field in January is about as daunting as it gets. It's not the field or the conditions that have let the Bears down in January. It's the team. And playing in frigid temperatures this time of year gives Chicago an edge. Particularly against NFC teams at or below the nation's Bible Belt (ahem, New Orleans). At capacity, the noise from the home crowd rivals any non-dome team in the league, including Seattle's much-hyped "12th Man," and the swirling winds can be biting on the skin, and wreak havoc in the passing game.

The Bears are due
Since the playoff system was expanded, no team has ever lost its first game three times in a row after a bye. So at least Chicago has history on its side. This franchise is 3-8 since winning the Super Bowl 21 years ago and hasn't advanced to a NFC championship game since the 1988 postseason. But the conditions are right for the next step to be taken by this team. Unlike last season or in 2001, this has been the best team in the conference from start to finish ... even with the bumps along the way. It has secured home-field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl. The coaching staff has remained intact. The roster added talent in the offseason and lost none. And Grossman - for better or worse - has been healthy all year long. If this team can't win a conference championship now, when will it?