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Seattle doesn't give themselves much of a chance

Sadly, there is nothing of note on the Bears upcoming game with the Seahawks to talk about.  This seems to be the only article making the rounds.  It is from a Seattle paper talking briefly about their first meeting and how the teams have changed.

The big changes of course are that the Seahawks have Shaun Alexander and Jeramy Stevens back and the Bears are sans Tommie Harris and Mike Brown.

I don't think any player on either team is stupid enough to think that a game that happened 15 weeks ago has any real effect on this came.  I can promise the Bears don't, just ask them about last year when the dominated the Panthers only to go down in flames to Steve Smith and his boys.

The interesting thing about this story is the tone.  It seems people in Seattle aren't all that high on their chances.  It is a fair statement, but with the potentially combustible element of Rex Grossman and watching college and NFL games the past few weeks it is quite obvious that anything is possible.