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BEARS Offensive Stats

So what can we say about this performance?  Despite the overall  negative attitude towards the offense, there was some good, but since the bad was so bad let us start with that.

Firstly, there is no reason what so ever unless we are down by a ton early that Brian Griese throws the ball 52 times. He isn't Petyon Manning. He hasn't started a game for 2 years and you ask him to pass that often? He was clearly rusty.

Next, there is not reason our running backs should be receiving the ball this much. Benson and Peterson together had 8 catches. Hester and Wolfe together had 1. If we have to drop off that much, maybe instead of throwing the backs out to receive you leave them in to help block, because Griese was finding people. He had 4 non running backs with over 5 catches. Where the hell is Olsen? Wasn't he supposed to be our savior?

If our strategy is going to be run Benson until he fumbles and then bench him, why the hell even play him? Start Peterson, make a call to Corey Dillon, but do something.

Offensive Line = Swiss Cheese

The good on Griese is he is moving the ball around more than Grossman. For Rex it was pretty much Berrian or nobody. His rating was 65.4 which isn't hugely better, but is higher than the 30-something Grossman was averaging. I do think the INTs will go down as he gets more time, but with Griese you are still going to get them.

B. Griese 34/52 286 2 3
C. Benson 15 50 0 16
B. Griese 2 8 0 6
A. Peterson 2 8 0 17
\G. Wolfe 3 3 0 2
B. Berrian 8 99 0 26
M. Muhammad 5 49 1 15
D. Clark 7 44 1 14
R. Davis 5 38 0 12
A. Peterson 3 29 0 12
C. Benson 5 24 0 7
D. Hester 1 3 0 3