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Griese Could Help Keep Lance Briggs In Chicago?

At this point I really don't know what the relationship between Lance Briggs and Chicago management is.  Perhaps it is too stressed to be reparied. That said there is a rumor listed over at Yahoo! Sports that asks the question since one of the big reasons we could not offer Briggs the big money was because we had to account for the fact that we might have had to dish out big contracts to both Bernard Berrian and Rex Grossman, can the money allocated to Grossman now be used to resign Briggs?

I think most of us are on the line as saying we would like Briggs to stay around.  He is an amazing talent, that said is he 20+ million up front good?

Also, the next question would be what happens with Urlacher?  While he is under contract, if Briggs breaks the bank, how long before Urlacher is wanting (deservedly so) a new contract?

This is just a lot of speculation as unless the Bears plan to address their QB issues through the draft and run with Griese for a few years, they will still have to shell out some money for a starting QB.  McNabb won't come all that cheap if that is the direction they go.