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Lance Briggs Would Play For The Bears

One word, that is all it takes to send the media into a frenzy.  Lance Briggs, when asked if he would play for Chicago if he had the chance, answered "Absolutely!".  And they were off.  It is now gone from the rumors section of ever site to full articles.  

This one being from SI, but in the comment section of one of the previous posts one of our great readers dropped a Tribune link if I am not mistaken.

"I'd love to be here," he said. "I've always wanted to be here, regardless of what I've said. I've always wanted to be here."

Regardless of what was written in the offseason the two things that I think Briggs made obvious is that he loves playing for this team (I believe I read that he and Urlacher are best friends) and that he wants his money.  If he can get it here, great.  If not, he will do what he has to to get that money.