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The Bears look to get to 500 for the season as the Minnesota  Vikings come to town.

The Vikings were one of the few teams that possibly was getting worse QB play than the Bears prior to the Brian Griese switch.  Since the switch it is just lopsided.

The Bears secondary that has been banged up the last few weeks and who will still be without the services of Nathan Vashar finally get a rest as the Vikings pass game is nothing to worry about.

The key to beating the Vikings is stopping Adrian Peterson.  Stop him, the Vikings have no noticable offense.

On the offensive side the Bears continue to get better each week, though they are still a ways off from being a scary team.  Cedric Benson's road to being a big time running back in this league hits a road block against a good Vikings defense.

Griese just needs to continue to improve.  The Bears have the receivers to spread the field he just needs to find them.

The Vikings also boast a very good coverage squad on special teams.  It will be interesting to see if they kick to Devin Hester or not.