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Darren Sharper Going A Tad Senile?

Never one to just keep his mouth shut and just go out and let your play speak for itself, Vikings safety Darren Sharper says he is not worried about the Bears two-headed TE combo. He quote is as follows:

"I'm never concerned about the tight end," Sharper said on Wednesday.  "If a tight end catches a ball on me, then I need to be fired."

This is such a useless and stupid statement.  Is he really saying a TE has never caught a ball on him?  Apparently so.

PFT threw up a few numbers from last year.

Tight ends have caught the ball against the Vikings in 2007.  Alge Crumpler of the Falcons snared four passes for 40 yards.  Tony Gonzalez of the Chiefs caught seven for 96 yards.  Donald Lee of the Packers hauled in four passes for 66 yards.

PFT also points out that Minnesota uses the Cover 2, which if anything gives the TE more potential to have a big game.

I almost feel stupid writing about it, it is that dumb of a statement.  Can something that dumb be used as chalk board material?