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That really is all I am feeling right now. Adrian Peterson literally ran all over the Bears.  But despite his 224 yards and 3 TDs, the Bears were in this game that is until of course Peterson did it to us again just on a kick off return that put Minnesota in range for a game winning field goal.

The offense saw there best game output wise.  Griese has 381 and 3TDs to go along with 2 INTs.

Hester accounted for 2 of the Bears TDs.  One on a 89  yard punt return, the other on an 81 yard reception.

Benson started off well, but finished with only 67 yards.

We have talked a lot about what the Bears issues were including tackling, but today it was horrible.  We knew the only person on this team who could beat us was Peterson and we let him beat us.  Badly.

We will look at more numbers later, right now I am in an ugly mood.