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Thursday Link Dump

Tomorrow I will be bringing a preview of the Bears must win game on Sunday.  Until then here are some tantalizing links to whet your Bear palate.

Here is an update from yesterdays practice concerning injured players. Good news is that Tommie Harris and Darwin Walker appear to be ready to play.  Bad news is that we are still Vasher-less.

Speaking of the secondary, I have voiced my displeasure with the coaches for yanking Danieal Manning around position wise. Good news, according to Brad Biggs he is going back to safety.  However, there is some bad news; the coaching staff still seams inclined to start Trumaine McBride over Ricky Manning Jr. in lieu of Nathan Vasher.

Speaking of Biggs, he brings a nice mailbag to the table.  His pertinent topics include Devin Hester's role in the offense and Brian Griese's turnovers.

Vaughn McClure believes that the coaching staff shuffling of the secondary is one of our Defensive problems.  He highlights the idea of Ricky Manning Jr. being the starting corner until Vasher is back.  Finally, he includes a juicy tidbit about at least one Eagle who isn't afraid of Hester.

Speaking of the Eagles and Hester. Some Eagles bloggers are scared of the Hester "threat," and have resigned themselves to siding with one of Greg Easterbrook's 6,000 word treatises on how to fix football. As an aside, I dislike Easterbrook almost as much as I dislike Bill Simmons.

Sadly, Devin Hester just missed getting the honorable "Kevin Everett Meast of the Week award" over at KSK. Why is this sad you ask?  I will tell you. The man they call "purple jesus" won.

That's all for now. Here's hoping the team is kicking their collective butts to get ready for Sunday!