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Bears Have To Finish 8-2

Urlacher has deflected a lot of press about his play and ailing back in the last week, but one thing he isn't dodging is what the Bears need to do to get into the playoffs, go 8-2 the rest of the way.

''We don't have any [margin for error],'' Urlacher said Thursday. ''We have to win now. Ten [wins] usually gets you in the playoffs. We'd like to win 12, but we've got to get to 10 for sure to try to get in the playoffs. It starts with Philly, one game at a time.''

This isn't anything we didn't know, but Urlacher is the leader of this team, so to hear him say it, maybe it means something.  Nobody likes to be called out and this entire team was by Coach Smith last week for lack of heart.  Maybe if Urlacher is getting in guys faces now it will help jump start this team.