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Tommie Harris Guarantees Victory Over Lions?

The Bears ship finally took a turn into the right direction, is Tommie Harris already starting to rock it?  Not directly, but one could take it that way.

Recently, the Bears leaders have been calling out their own. Coach Smith questioned the Bears Heart and Brian Urlacher made it clear what the Bears needed to do.  Here is what Harris had to say:

"We're ready," defensive tackle Tommie Harris said, speaking of the Lions. "You don't come into Philadelphia and win in that stadium against Donovan McNabb. So that boosted our confidence so much.

"Detroit don't come into Chicago and win in our stadium. We have to be 4-4 going into our (week off). We have to be. ... I'm going to do whatever I have to do for us to be 4-4."

While not your typical guarantee made by a player, the Lions can still hang this up on the wall.

Let's hold off on giving anybody any extra incentive until we get back to the playoffs.