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Roger Goodell Hates Mel Kiper's Hair

What other reason could he have for cutting down the overall time of the juggernaut that is the NFL Draft?

Seriously though, shortening things up is a good idea.  I love the draft.  I watch as much as I can without getting myself divorced.

The changes made, starting this year:

-Only rounds 1 and 2 will take place on day 1

-Round 1 will be shortened to 10 minutes as opposed to 15

-Round 2 will be shortened to 7 minutes as opposed to 10

-The draft will start at 2 pm CST instead of 11

-Rounds 3-7 will take place on Sunday and will be 5 minutes per pick and will start at 9 AM CST

The only change that bothers me is moving the start time to 2.  This isn't going to change anything it just means ESPN now has some additional hours to put guys on screen to make picks that are going to be wrong anyway.  By this time we have read 100s of mock drafts and heard all the combine times and Wonderlic Scores.  Plus, this means I might have to do some work around the house until it starts.  Can't have that, its a holiday.