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Bears Expected To Show Detroit Different Looks On Special Teams

A week after Philadelphia refused, like the little cowards they are, to kick to Devin Hester and two weeks after Devin Hester gouged Detroit for the 3rd most return yards in a single game ever, the Bears expect the Lions to rarely kick to Hester.

They briefly, during the Philly game, tried to insert Rashied Davis in to receive those short kicks, but due to the height of them, it only had marginal success.

Davis hints that there might be some good old fashion trickery about to happen.

"They're kicking it so high they're right up on us, so we have to make moves real quickly," Davis said.

Then he added, "But we'll have something for them." Davis wouldn't elaborate on whether a trick return of some sort could occur.

Obviously you do everything you can to get the best possible starting field position whether it is moving Hester around or putting a return man into the middle of the field.  I have no problems with the Bears trying things to force a team or trick them to kicking to him so long as they don't get to freaky with it.  The 30-40 yard line is a fantastic place to start.  Even if you offense goes nowhere you can really pin them back on a punt.  I would hate to think that the Bears are practicing pitching the ball back or having Hester run up and down the field to confuse them on where to kick it.

Try, fine.  Just don't over think things and risk turnovers.