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Should The Bears Change Their Offensive Philosophy?

The Bears are a running team, always have been and if to further emphasis that point you can just look at the string of QBs that have run through this town.  So even had a coach not wanted to be a running team, he had no choice.

With 7 games already gone in the 2007 season and the run game all but stagnant and the passing game starting to flourish, some such as David Haugh think the Bears are already a passing team regardless of what they think and in fact they should embrace it.

Accordingly, Bears QB Brian Griese agrees:

"You can go in and bang your head against the wall if you want to, or you can take advantage of the matchups in your favor," Griese said of the pass-happy last few weeks. "The key is if you move the team and you score."

Coach Smith on the other hand doesn't quite agree.  He has emphasized that the Bears are still a run first team.

I have been in Coach Smith's corner since the beginning.  He has done much good for this team, but I can't help but wonder if he is just being stubborn or not willing to admit their initial plan didn't work.

I am not whole heartedly asking him to abandon the run, but the run isn't going the way we had hoped.  Is it so bad to pass a little more?  Throw a few more passes 30 yards down field early and it might open the run up some.  Once the line and Benson can get in a groove, it will be winter when teams have to rely on the run more.  I'd rather tinker  a bit now to try to get it started than to still have no answer when we need them.