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Roy Williams Is All Bark And No Bite

Roy Williams is known to the Bears and not just because he plays us twice a year.  Williams has in the past made big claims as to what he was going to do to our team.  He also has guaranteed wins before that were so lopsided in the the other direction that he was the butt of jokes the next morning.  He claims that he will make that promise again in the right situation.

However, now that Tommie Harris has made a statement that at most was a mini-guarantee, but more so just a statement that shows Harris trying to pump up his team, Williams has nothing to say back.

When asked about it Williams had to say this:

"Everybody talks about what Tommie Harris said. He is just trying to get his team to play to the capabilities he believes they can play," Williams said. "It is nothing against us. He wants to beat everybody. He wants his defense to play like they did last year."

While this does show maturity and an understanding of trash talk, something that far too many people don't get, I am disappointed.  I was hoping to have something to throw back at him come Monday morning when we beat them 48-3.