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BEARS lose to the LOINS 16-7

This was a bad game; all around bad game. Sure some players did alright, but all in all we were bad on both sides of the ball.  We got burned on defense and slammed on offense.

I don't know what to say.  This doesn't kill our season, but it sure does make things harder.  Brian Urlacher wanted to get at least 10 wins.  Well now that means we can only lose one game. I don't see us escaping the rest of this season like that. Tommie Harris basically said 'we must protect this house' and then lied down with the rest of the defense. Embarrassing is the best word to use for this game.

I guess the only bright spot is getting people healthy for after the bye. A revamped D could go a long way in helping our second half.  So much is wrong, and the window to fix it is closing quickly.