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Bears Relating

It hurts too much to read through all of these, but here is what is being said after yesterday's pitiful excuse for a performance by the Bears.

Despite the new QB, players find themselves in an unenviable spot.  Still being asked questions about bad QB play.  At least this is one thing they are consistent at.

"We all have things that we can do better on offense," Olsen said. "Brian [Griese] is not the problem."

The Chicago Sun-Times paints a pretty dismal picture on the state of the entire team and the one person who comes out looking clean is....Rex Grossman?

''A lot of people were putting it all on Rex [Grossman] early,'' right tackle Fred Miller said. ''Now people see it's not Rex. It wasn't Rex.''

At the Daily Herald they throw around a lot of quotes and try to explain a lot of things, but the thing that perhaps hurt the most is the opening line.

Jumping the gun on Halloween, the Bears came to Soldier Field disguised as a playoff-caliber football team in their orange jerseys.

Say what you want and blame who you want, but as of right now we are just pretenders.  The only aspect of our game that is exciting or could be counted on was our return game and now teams are taking it out of the equation.  Our QB is old, not very mobile and prone to turnovers inside the 20.  Our running back appears to lack heart or any type of playmaking ability.  Our line is old and porous and our defense is just straight up broken down.

The Bears need to take this week off to rest and get healthy and do some serious looking at themselves.  There is not a man on this team who doesn't need to step up.