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Ways To Fix The Bears

This is a good article on 10 ways to get the Bears going.  There are actually some useful ideas on here and not just the standard fix the line stuff.

3. Dress little-used WR Mike Hass to make a statement about dropped passes

Only three teams in the league have dropped more passes than the Bears' 10, according to STATS. The league average is six. Bernard Berrian, who has dropped three, has blamed a lack of focus. Putting Hass in uniform for the first time this season, and maybe on the field for the first third down, might go a long way toward improving the receivers' focus. Hass may struggle getting off the line of scrimmage, especially against Green Bay's cornerbacks, but his dependable hands would be a welcome addition to a receiving corps that needs to be solid before it can think of being spectacular.

4. Rotate Terrence Metcalf at guard

Defensive lines routinely rotate players to keep them fresh, but offensive lines don't to keep the same five guys working in rhythm. But through four games, there has been none for the Bears' once-dominant offensive line, and Metcalf is paid well to watch. Left guard Ruben Brown had a rough day against the Lions and, as imposing as he can be for stretches, maybe his 35-year-old body would benefit from taking every third series off. If right guard Roberto Garza needs a break, let Metcalf swing over to that side. Impractical? Unorthodox? Perhaps, but can a line that has been struggling dismiss any options?

While I like the idea of Hass getting some time I don't know how much of a message it sends to Berrian.  Maybe some other guys, but Berrian, knows he is our best receiver and is the only guy putting up any kind of numbers.