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Urlacher's Contract and Playing Situation

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I know talk has already taken place in various comment sections, but I wanted to get this out on the front page.  This

According to the Chicago Tribune, the contract extension that Brian Urlacher and the team had begun exploring, looks like a risky commitment to an aging middle linebacker with arthritis. The Bears still owe $22.4 million to Urlacher after this season, including a $7.35 million salary in 2011 when he will be 33. If Urlacher can still function at an acceptable NFL level, he might switch to an outside linebacker, where he wouldn't be required to run to the deep middle of the field in the Cover-2.

If we push this out a little further, depending on how soon Urlacher would need to move to outside could it affect what we might do with  Lance Briggs?  If Urlacher would need to move out in say 2 years, do we run with Jamar Williams at weak side and then switch them later.  Williams got some time in the middle in preseason and word was he handled himself quite well.