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Tuesday Links

Contrary to what Urlacher revealed to Foxsports about his arthritic back, Coach Smith isn't ready to pin his inconsistencies on it.

Chicago sports teams all seem to be in a massive free agent windfall in their perspective off seasons.  Rumors are abound that Alex Rodriquez could end up a Cub, Kobe Bryant could end up a Bull and Donovan McNabb could end up a Bear.  This article is stating his case for McNabb.

Coach Smith to lead the charge into fixing the Bears for a late season playoff run.

"Well the first thing we'll do - I, of course, as leader, will lead the charge - is with the bye week, you have a chance to go back and look over everything you've done," Smith said. "Full evaluation of our program, and that's what we're doing, scheme-wise, all of that; personnel, just from top to bottom.

"That's what we'll do. We've already started that process, and it'll continue throughout this week."

Personally, I'm tired of watching the Bears' current crop of yahoos, to say nothing of the previous Not-so-mighty Quinns and Oh-so-misfit Morenos.

Urlacher's snubbing of the media isn't because of his back, but because he doesn't like the drubbing of his teammates.