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Here is a look at what the media is saying about last nights game versus the Pack.

Bears Steal One From The Pack
Bears Pluck The Pack

Still In Business

Suddenly, Bears have life

"Coach Smith really does a great job of holding his composure and he really never gets mad until you really (tick) him off," cornerback Charles Tillman said. "And I think we really (ticked) him off that first half. I just kind of think it (the speech) lit a spark for everybody and I know we responded. We responded well to it."

Letting The Err Out
Pick Picks Em Up
Bears Morph Into A Different Team
Good Signs For Bears

Bears Make Favre Malfunction

It is a measure of Favre's immense popularity that even Bears fans can't hate him, despite his dominance of the rivalry. He is in the process of breaking virtually every record at the most glamorous and important position in pro sports, yet this is not a personal-ego grab. He refused to retire because he wanted to win again. But this was not the kind of night he had in mind, when the veteran team from Chicago showed the Packers the meaning of intelligent, low-error football.