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Could Rex Grossman Be On Another Team Before The Season Is Over?

This topic came up in the comment section of the previous post and then I came by this article.

Take to mind that this is being posted just as rumor and nothing concrete, but they are wondering with the list of teams whose QB has gone down if one of them would trade for Grossman.

Among the injured starters around the league: J.P. Losman of the Bills, Matt Leinart of the Cardinals, Trent Green of the Dolphins, Tarvaris Jackson of the Vikings, Jake Delhomme of the Panthers, Marc Bulger of the Rams and Alex Smith of the 49ers.

The only way anybody takes a shot at Grossman is if they have not other options, since his contract is up at the end of the season.  The only way the Bears deal him is if somebody knocks their socks off with an offer.  The Bears cannot consider themselves safe with just Griese at the helm and for whatever reason they don't seem to be high on Orton or just don't think he can handle it yet.

Depending on who else is available in the off season and depending on the health of QBs elsewhere Grossman could make some money and become a starter, but that depends on a lot of ifs.