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BEARS Hand PACKERS First Defeat, 27-20

So there I am at 11:50 PM standing in the airport fuming that my parents couldn't find somebody else to pick them up.  As we are leaving I get a phone call from the wife asking if I saw any of the game at the airport and if I was going to watch it when I got home.  I said no and Hell Yes.  She told me to wake her when I finished watching.  That meant we either won or they walloped us.  I get home and the Pack were running all over us and I thought the worse...

DAMN!, that felt good.  Putting a stop to an undefeated Packer team and stopping the Favre ass kissing (Ok, that will never happen) is better than sex.

It was good to see the D get back to their old selves in time to win this game.  The second half the Packers had 1 first down until their last drive.

Big time game ball to Charles Tillman.  If not for him the Bears could have easily been down 21-0 by half time.

Urlacher had an int, Brandon McGowan ended the game on an int and Ayanbadejo/Maynard combined on a fumble in between.  Lance Briggs had 16 tackles.

The offense unfortunately doesn't have so many good points.  It was nice to actually see Hester, Olsen, Wolfe and Bradley get on the field, albeit some more than others.  Griese played a decent game.  He will get better, but he over threw a lot of passes and again had an INT in the red zone.  Some of that will go away, but that is what you get with him.  Griese did spread it around, but only the two tight ends and Peterson had more than one catch.  

I am more worried about the run game,  Benson was horrible.  I know firmly believe he has no desire to be in there.  It was cemented for me when he was running up the sideline on one of his few positive plays and instead of lowering his shoulders, punishing a defender and picking up a few more yards he steps out a good 2 yards before the defender would have gotten to him.  Start Peterson, it at least looks like he is trying out here.  

The Bears now are only 2 games out of the division.  With Minnesota in town next week and a tough Washington team in Green Bay the Bears could find themselves one game out.