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Did Green Bay Blow Its Best Shot?

Green Bay was on the verge of having a 4 game lead on the Bears in the division, but with the lose it is only a 2 game lead and this Bears team is about to charge.

Dan Pompei writes that the Bears are going to start playing better and will probably peak at just the right time.

He points to health, improved QB play and a more cohesive offensive line and a now explosive receiving corp as the main reasons.

Vasher's return should send improvement ripples through the defense. He will upgrade the team at cornerback, and his presence will allow Danieal Manning to move from corner to safety, where he is more suited to play and a preferred option to Brandon McGowan, who appears overmatched. Better coverage will allow defensive coordinator Bob Babich more freedom with his calls. More eight-man fronts, blitzes and sacks should follow.

It is this simple.  The Bears defense and special teams are Super Bowl ready.  Our receiving corp is Super Bowl ready.  The problem lies with the offensive line, running back and QB.  Griese is going to continue to improve as he shakes some rust off.  His improvement alone will help the other two.  Whether those three ever get to the point to where they are Super Bowl ready, I don't know, but they can.  They don't have to be dominating.  They just have to take care of the ball and score a couple of times.