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Thursday Links

GM Jerry Angelo is standing strong that his choices were the right ones.  He also makes a comment that doesn't say a whole lot for Cedric Benson.

``Right now, we're shooting ourselves in the foot and we can control that,'' he said.

Angelo gave a less-than-ringing endorsement of Benson, the fourth pick in the 2005 draft, saying, ``Cedric is performing to the best of his ability. He's giving us top effort. That's all I can ask of him.''

Despite the 8 tackles and 1 sack DE Alex Brown put up last week, there are not talks of him replacing Mark Anderson in the starting line up.

'That's how it happened,'' coach Lovie Smith said. ''We've always considered Alex as one of our three starters. ... Nothing has changed. Alex has had his moments when he's had good plays and his moments when he hasn't, just like Mark Anderson has done the same thing. No one on our team has played well enough to start saying that they have played well. None of us -- coaches, players, all. I am putting everyone in that category.''

This article points out perhaps three of the Bears biggest problems leading them to a 3.5 record.

The Bears entered the Lions game with 28 missed tackles. According to Stats LLC, that's the most in the NFL and three more than the winless Miami Dolphins. The Bears had at least four more missed tackles against Detroit.

Angelo talks to the media about the Bears mid season situation.

Why hasn't the run game been able to get going?

"Part of it is because we haven't been able to score early in games and we've been playing from behind and so our game plan has altered. We're throwing the ball much more than what I thought we'd be throwing this year. Our game plan is not to throw it 40 times a game. That's part of it. The turnovers tie into it, too. When you turn the ball over, obviously it stops your drives. When you have given up  long drives as we have--we've had five-six minute drives against our defense--that kills time of possession. That all impacts the running game. It's not one person, guys. And I would hate to think that you're going to single out one person and say, `This is the reason why they can't run the ball.' It's a team sport. There are a lot of things that are involved in that."