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With Detroit, Minnesota, New Orleans and Carolina all taking the loss the Bears had an opportunity to make some head way in the NFC playoff race.

It looked bleak at times and when Brian Griese went out it looked worse, but with two TDs late in the 4th quarter the Bears get the win and move to 4-5.

Grossman who came in to fill in for the injured Brian Griese played decent throwing for 142 yards on  10 passes for a 10.1 average which in Chicago is big news.  He had a 52 yard TB pass to Bernard Berrian and no interceptions.

The run game again looked like nothing special.  Benson had 76 yards on 29 carries for another whopping average of 2.9.

Berrian and Mushin Muhammad both had 4 receptions for 80+ yards.  Desmond Clark, Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson all had multiple receptions.

The Bears defense showed a little of something that they used to have allowing only 108 in the air and 113 combined rushing yards.

Ogunleye had 3 sacks and Briggs had one.  Danieal Manning had on INT.