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Bears Playoff Hunt Just Got A Little Bit Easier

Not that the Vikings are anywhere close to the most important thing we have to deal with this year, but we do have to fend them off as well as make up some ground.

The Vikings one working offensive part is shelved for at least one week, but most likely more.

Rookie phenom Adrian Peterson has a torn ligament in his knee.

"The good news is that the knee is otherwise stable and the injury is isolated to that ligament," Childress said. "I'm told that's a good healing ligament."

Childress said this is not a season-ending injury, but he did not talk about when Peterson might be back.

"I'm real hesitant to put a timeline on that thing," Childress said.

Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman said there is "absolutely no question about it" that Peterson will play again this season, according to

I'm no where near familiar enough with this to guess how serious it is, but at 3-6 and likely to be out of the race by the time Peterson is ready is it worth them bringing him back?  What is the word on that ligament tearing again if rushed back?

Peterson has a long and Pro Bowl caliber career ahead of him, as much as I'd like to not see him twice a year, I'd hate to see him rushed back and more permanent damage done, just to finish strong and miss another playoff race.