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Monday Links

An early look ahead to the Bears and Seahawks.

The Bears and Seahawks share at least one frustration: Both were supposed to be running teams, but neither has been able to run the ball. Cedric Benson has failed to live up to expectations for the Bears, and Shaun Alexander has not run well with a fractured wrist for the Seahawks. Now Alexander has a knee injury and might not even face the Bears.

Grossman still getting the backing from the team.

"To have Rex come back here and be plugged into a game when he hasn't been plugged in in weeks, and to come in and perform the way he did today, yeah, we're damn proud of him," Briggs said

Proud, yes. Surprised, no.

"He prepared every day, even after getting demoted, and that's a hard thing to do," Olin Kreutz said. "You get demoted, you take the criticism he has taken, and he still showed up every day and he worked hard and he never let him getting demoted affect the team. I hope people appreciate that about him."

Of course if you ask Benson why he cannot gain any yards on a team that is giving up yards to everybody it is because they were amped up to stop the run since they have let everybody run over them, not because he just might not be that good.

"I'm sure they were pretty determined to pick up their run defense, (since) everybody's been getting good yards on them," said Cedric Benson, who got 29 carries but just 76 yards (2.6-yard average). "It's what most teams come in and do against them. We came in wanting to do the same thing. We didn't get the type of numbers we wanted, but we managed the game and stayed in it."

And of course what would a Rex Grossman apperance be without a post from KSK?