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Tuesday Links

As expected much of the news today is on the possible return of Rex Grossman as starting QB for the Bears.  While no word is official according to this article, Grossman is preparing like he is starting.

"Yes, it's unclear who is going to start Sunday," Smith said. "Once you get healthy guys, then you start. Right now we finished with two guys that can play: Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton."

As of Monday evening, Grossman had not been informed of a decision. Smith's comments Monday leaned toward a healthy Grossman rather than a banged-up Griese.

As much as everybody wants to talk about Grossman, not many of us are interested in talking about the Bears run game, which underperformed again against a very bad run defense.

The Bears' rushing attack could have been worse.

The Detroit Lions, for instance, produced minus-18 rushing yards at Arizona on Sunday - the NFL's worst showing since 1937.

Still, the Bears' performance in Sunday's 17-6 win at Oakland was nothing to shout about. Facing a defense that entered the contest close to historic highs in terms of allowing ground yardage, the Bears had just 78 rushing yards on 34 carries for a 2.3-yards-per-carry average. Cedric Benson, who finally was given his desired workload, managed just 76 yards on 29 carries. Benson's longest run was for nine yards.

"We're not pleased with where our running game is right now," Bears head coach Lovie Smith said Monday.

Nevertheless, Smith is not planning on replacing Benson in the starting lineup. He's also disappointed in reserve backs Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe.

Despite the lack of a run game and currently the lack of a starting QB, the Bears are in the hunt.

After 10 weeks, half the 16 NFC teams are 4-5 or 5-4, and only the 8-1 Packers and Dallas Cowboys are better than 6-3.

Getting defensive: The defense registered season bests in total yards allowed (193) and passing yards (80), while forcing 3 turnovers for just the second time.

"Defensively, that was the best game we've played this year," Lovie Smith said. "The way we practiced last week, I had a feeling that the guys would go out and play with emotion, make plays, fly around and do the things that we did."