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Grossman Doing The Same Old Song and Dance

It is the same things regardless of whether Rex Grossman is playing well or poorly and it gets old because we know he is just going to tease us for a game or two and then go back, but with the possibility that he starts again this week, here we go again.

''All I know is I want to play great football,'' Grossman said with a deliberate stare at his questioner. ''I know I am a great player. I have great people around me. I am excited about proving it.''

Always with the great. It's not enough to be a mediocre player, or a decent one, or even a good one. Grossman remains a man with a sense of personal destiny. He remains in search of greatness. It's an unfolding story, of course, but you can't help but consider the fine line between self-confidence and self-delusion. Both come with a degree of vanity that allows a player the length of neck needed to extend toward glory. It's an exposed neck, however.

Listen, we get that this is a close knit team and they are very good at not trashing teammates and standing up for them when needed, but at this point I cease to care.  Just put the best QB we have available to us, whoever that may be, on the field and try to get this team into the playoffs and then work on a more permanent solution in the off season.