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Rex Grossman Named Starter

Wednesday after practice Coach Lovie Smith officially named Rex Grossman starter for this Sunday's game versus the Seattle Seahawks.

"I like the way he finished the game last week," Smith said. "I like the way he came in. He gave us a boost. We do everything based on what gives us the best opportunity to win this week and that's what we're doing.

"I'm excited about what he can possibly bring, giving our offense a boost. The passing game needs to improve. I realize our running game does, too, and hopefully we can get all those other things going this week against a good Seattle team."

This might be Grossman's last chance earn a spot with the Bears last year.  I think management is hoping it works out this time, they really don't want to go through starting from scratch with a new QB.  If Grossman continues playing like he did in the first 4 games, we might just have to start the Derek Anderson countdown.