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Drew Rosenhaus As The Shadow?

Usually when Drew Rosenhaus is about to do something that involves anything remotely related to a contract you can be sure a red carpet, horns blowing and a full TV crew are close behind.  But if he enters Halas Hall and nobody knows, did it really happen?

The Rosenhaus boys paid a visit to the Bears yesterday.  

Agent Drew Rosenhaus and his brother Jason met with general manager Jerry Angelo on Wednesday, entering and escaping Halas Hall under the cloak of the latest quarterback change. There's nothing unusual about Rosenhaus paying a visit to a team that has seven of his clients, but Jason is the numbers man of the operation and usually gets involved only when negotiating is serious.

It's not believed any serious talks took place during this visit, but Rosenhaus has three players who will be free agents March 1: linebacker Lance Briggs, wide receiver Bernard Berrian and special-teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo.

He also represents defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who will be up after 2008. The Bears are expected to look into an extension during the offseason for Harris, who will be seeking elite-player money.

Briggs has made it clear he's willing to return, while the offense's struggles and Berrian's drops haven't made for a banner season heading to free agency. The Bears presumably would like to retain Ayanbadejo, a Pro Bowl performer and team captain.

I think it is clear that Harris and Ayanbadejo are the ones that the Bears definitely want to keep.  Ayanbadejo can be had at a reasonable price, but Harris is going to break the bank.