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I am getting an odd sense of deja vu here.  Didn't we do this last year?  Wasn't Shaun Alexander out for that game to?  The only thing that makes this one different is that Brian Griese is starting....but wait....

Yes, the Sex Cannon is back at the helm.

Any attempt to really break down this game is futile.  The Bears and the Hawks are two of the most inconsistent and frustrating teams playing.  Which Bears D shows up, which offense?  Will the good both show up?  Same questions, different team for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have a good defense, not great but good.  There is room to run if you can get past their line, but honestly I am tired of writing that Benson could have a good game, because do we really think that is going to happen?

This game lies somewhere on the shoulders of Grossman, Devin Hester and/or the defense.

On the other side Morris will again fill in for Alexander.  He isn't much to worry about run wise, but he is a good receiving back and that has given us problems at times.