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Friday Links

Hard work for Orton to stay ready should he ever get the call again.

"It's been hard," Orton said. "You just keep your nose down and keep coming to work and trying to prepare like you're going to play. When it doesn't happen and the next week comes around, you just do the same thing. It's not an easy situation to be in, but it's just what it is."

Matt Hasselbeck knows what it is like for Rex Grossman.

Anointed starter when he first arrived in Seattle from Green Bay in 2001, Hasselbeck learned nothing is set in stone in the NFL when he was replaced by veteran Trent Dilfer after some subpar play not long after his arrival.

It was a rough lesson.

"The key is how you handle the benching," Hasselbeck said. "For me, I was fortunate that I had good people around me and helped me through that and helped me handle it in a professional way, in a way that was good for the team.

"I think in a way I earned the respect of my teammates -- not by how I played on the football field, but more how I handled getting benched."

Cedric Benson is happy with the change at QB.

"Positive vibes having him back there," Benson said. "He's the guy we started the show with, and he does bring a different feel to the game than Brian [Griese]. So it will be good to see what that provides for us."

Along with Orton, Adrian Peterson also waits for his shot.

''I don't know, man,'' Peterson said. ''I'm going on six years, so I'm used to it. You never know, though. I'm going to go out there on special teams and make some plays because I haven't done much on special teams yet. I've got to go out and try to make some plays and get us a win.

''I hope to get a chance at some point, but you can't spend too much time thinking about that. We're a game under .500. First and foremost, it's about trying to get a win, and then after that ... because if you win, everything will take care of itself.