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BEARS Fall To The Seahawks 30-23

The Bears didn't have to have this game to make the playoffs, but they sure could have used it.

Benson had what I believe is the best run of his NFL career breaking off a 43 yarder for a TD. He had 46 yards on 10 attempts for a 4.6 yard average outside that run.  Adrian Peterson went 11 yards including a TD.

Grossman had an alright day throwing for 266 with no INTs, but also no TDs.

Grossman was moving the ball around fairly well.  Bernard Berrian had 9 receptions for 102 yards. Mushin Muhammad had 71 yards and Olsen had 43.

Devin Hester had 4 kickoff returns for a total of 116 yards.

I don't know how much ones takes away from a game like this.  On the plus side Grossman played well, but that doesn't exactly mean he is on the road to recovery.

The defense didn't do much of anything to inspire confidence allowing 337 through the air and 103 total on the ground.