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Friday Links

Teammates not surprised by Urlacher's recent foul mood.

"Brian's not having as much fun as he'd like to have. He wants to win. That's paramount in his mind," special teams star Brendon Ayanbadejo said. "He could be the highest-paid player in NFL history, but if he's not winning, he's not gonna have much fun playing. That's what it comes down to for him."

Despite mixed results since Devin Hester has moved over to wide receiver, he is still good with the move and looking forward to the things to come.

'Things are going good, but it can only get better with the more practice I put into it,'' he said. ''Whenever you get an opportunity to go out and get more reps, that's the key to success. Each game, the repetitions, I've gotten a little bit more. I feel like that's going to better me, as well as the team.''

The Bears are losing the turnover battle in a big way.  They are 11 under the pace they set last year.

In the Bears' disastrous first half of this season, any number-crunching and breakdowns of yards per catch or yards per carry mean little compared to one simple stat: Their turnover differential is minus-10. They've forced 13 turnovers and committed 23 themselves.

Extending on a topic that seems to be growing with Bears fans, that of Derek Anderson as a potential QB option for next year. PFT has drawn it out a bit more.

But who wouldn't give up a first-round pick and a third-round pick for a semi-proven commodity at the quarterback position?  Why spend the No. 1 overall pick (and $32 million or more in guaranteed money) on a potential Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf when, for a first-round pick and a third-round pick, you can have a guy who has actually worn an NFL helmet for reasons other than trick-or-treating?  (And performed well while doing so.)

Even if a potential suitor for Anderson decides not to slip a "poison pill" in the offer sheet to Anderson that would make it impossible for Cleveland to match the deal, the only way that the Browns would be able to keep Anderson around for 2008 would be to make the kind of financial investment that will make it impossible for them to put him on the bench in 2009.  Or 2010.