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Is Benson Good Enough?

I have to say I was none to happy yesterday when GM Jerry Angelo said he thought Benson was playing at his best possible ability.  So it certainly doesn't make me feel any better when Benson agrees.

"He's right on," Benson said.

The Bears' running back, who averages 3.1 yards per carry, has had the third-most carries in the league but has not had a run longer than 16 yards. No other back among the top 35 rushers has had a longest run that was so small.

"I don't know what I'd grade myself," Benson said. "I'd have to go back and re-evaluate a lot of things.

"But as far as how I did, it's been tough sledding, but I thought I did pretty good with the opportunities I've had."

I know that other things contribute to his play, but they cannot sit here and tell us that every other team has better QB play and better line play.  They still seem to get some big runs off.  At some point the back has to be able to do something on his own.

Just to throw some numbers, the person who is just ahead of Benson on the rushing yards list is Marion Barber III.  He has about 65 less rushing attempts yet has 13 more yards, 3 more touchdowns and a 5.7 average.  And we have all seen him run he is doing a lot of that on his own.

The man tied with Benson is Deshaun Foster, who has the same amount of yards with 30 less touches and he has a 4.1 average.

Hell, Brandon Jacobs hasn't even played all season and has been banged up and he has 16 less yards on 69 less touches for a 5.6 average.

I don't know what the Bears plans are but Benson isn't cutting it and the fact that he and management seem to think he is doing all he can, can we have much hope it will get better?