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Its Now or Never

All the talk coming out of the Bears facility all the talk is on needing to get to 10 wins to make the playoffs, but looking at the way everybody is talking, it is hard to imagine that happening.

"Time is running out," cornerback Charles Tillman said. "We can keep talking about making a run, making a run, but time is running out. Time's almost out right now."


"By and large, it's pretty self-inflicted," safety Adam Archuleta said. "You look at the tape, and it's always what we were doing."


"We know we need to get that first win and hopefully sometime this year get that second win," coach Lovie Smith said.


"It was hard, it was frustrating," cornerback Charles Tillman said.

I'd love to sound the trumpet and think these boys can pull it together, but each week the breakdown happens somewhere different.  One week the QB is down, the next the RB, the next it is the D.  This teams just cannot get all the pieces working properly at the same time.