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Who's Number 2?

The Bears have officially named Rex Grossman as starting QB for this week's game against the Broncos. What isn't clear is who will backup Grossman.  Coach Smith refused to name the backup and said it would be a game time decision.

It could be Brian Griese, the man who replaced Grossman earlier this season. Or it could be Kyle Orton, the man who filled in for him in 2005 but hasn't played since.

Either way, coach Lovie Smith would not provide an answer on Friday.

Asked if he had decided on a backup, Smith said, "No. They're getting better. We'll let that go all the way down to (game time)."

This may be harmless.  Brian Griese may just not be ready to play, though he has continued to downplay his injury, but could it also be the Bears getting Orton the reps, so if Grossman does not play better they can give Orton his shot?