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Broncos Not Fond Of Chicken Poop

Every week the Bears are set to take the field the first question the opposing team gets asked is whether or not they are going to kick to Devin Hester.

Ex-Bears punter and current Denver punter, Todd Sauerbrun has the answer.

'We're not going to play chicken-[poop] ball,'' the former Bears punter told the Denver Post. ''We're not going to kick away from him. Hey, we respect the hell out of him and he's the best, but we have guys on our coverage teams that are paid to make big tackles.''

To a certain extent it is admirable when a team takes the attitude of this is what we are paid to do and if we can't then maybe we shouldn't be here, but on the other hand Denver is first place in the AFC West, but they are 5-5.  The Chargers have the same record and the Chiefs are one behind, if you can take a team's most potent weapon as a coach you have to do that.