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Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos Game Preview

This is a big game with big ramifications for both teams involved. The Broncos are winning their division despite being 5-5 and are coming off a big win last week.  A loss all but seals the Bears fate, and a win keeps a small glimmer of hope alive for a floundering Bears team.  So far this season we have only kept a 1-3 record at home and haven't protected our house so to speak.  This is a big game indeed for the Bears.

Our passing attack could very well be shut down.  They don't come much better than Champ Bailey and Dre Bly, and they are excellent shut down corners.  John Lynch still has some gas left in the tank and prides himself on being a hard hitting safety.  The front 7 of the Broncos leaves some to be desired and is susceptible to the run.  here's hoping that Benson can find that magic mojo he had last week and unleash it on a suspect run defense.  All in all, people have proved this year that you can score on the Broncos, but I believe more than ever that we have to firmly establish the running game, and give Benson the ball 20 times.

The Broncos have a horrible situation at RB.  Bell is facing charges and not living up to expectations, Young is hurt and they projected the 3rd string as the back who will get the most carries.  We have to take advantage of this.  We cannot let them run wild on our defense.  I know that Shannahan is notorious for making any back work in his system, but we have to take advantage of this situation.  Jay Cutler isn't the second coming of Elway, but he has some talented receivers and he can get them the ball.  Our passing defense has been horrible lately, and we have to kick it up a notch.  Hopefully with a young QB our defense can apply pressure and force him into some dumb mistakes.

Our Defense needs to force turnovers.  We have been having a drought.

The coaching staff has to shape up.  They need to do better with match ups and Turner has to stop experimenting with our offense.  He needs to stick with what works.  I hope they properly utilize Benson, Olson, and Hester.

We need this game, and if we get blown out or don't show any signs of life I am going to start looking towards spoiler games and the draft.  I am tired of seeing a lack of effort, and I am tired of seeing the Coaching staff muck things uo.  I want to see some passion... I want to see a win.