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Special Teams Dominates, Offense Shines Late, Bears Win In OT

The Bears have been apart of two of the most exciting games this season, the first sadly was Adrian Peterson's break out game.  That game had 5 touchdowns over 60 yards and this game.  Two return TDs for Devin Hester which included a juke of Chicken Poop and the other right over him.  It also had some great catches for TD including Berrian's for the tie and Denver's Tony Scheffler who hauled down a catch among almost the entire Bears secondary.

Grossman had another efficient game with 193 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT.  If Grossman can maintain this type of play, this offense can put some points on the board, unfortunately that comes with a big IF.  Benson was off to another good start with a 5.6 average on 8 carries for 47 yards, but went down early and did not play again.  He was later seen on the sidelines on crutches, more on that later.  Peterson had 45 yards with a 2.6 average, but had some man size runs.  One for a TD with with half of the Broncos D on him and a big first down run in OT.

The defense still has a way to go before they can claim to be anywhere like they used to be.  Over 300 yards to Cutler and 98 the latest Schmoe Denver stuck back there.

Charles Tillman had an INT and a blocked punt.

Garrett Wolfe also got in the act with a 25 yard run.

The Bears move to 5-6 and are one game out of the playoff race, granted there are 7 teams with 5 wins, but Detroit has a brutal schedule remaining and they will fall and with Manning having his usual late season breakdown the Giants likely will as well.