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Monday Links

A quick look ahead to the Giants.

Given Manning's problems, the Giants will look to him to manage the game against the Bears and allow his running backs to carry the load.

The health of those running backs could be in question for the Bears game. Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward sat out Sunday against the Vikings. But the Giants have so much depth at the position that they still can run the ball with Reuben Droughns.

There will much written on Hester this morning, lets just go with this one.

"It's hard to explain how good he is," Rex Grossman said.

Grading the Bears.

Coaches made the correct call in opting for a field goal deep in Denver territory early in the third quarter but took long enough to make the decision that the Broncos had time to issue a successful challenge on the previous play. As a result, the Bears lost possession on the overrule. Bob Babich tried different matchups in the secondary against Denver's big receivers, but any scheming was again hurt by poor execution. Dave Toub's adjustments on special teams helped create opportunities and confusion. Offensive play-calling was often conservative, but personnel limitations, including the loss of Benson, imposed limits.

And a little love for Berrian.

"I knew it should have been a touchdown," Berrian said of the agonizing period of time before the officials validated the score. "There really wasn't a doubt in my mind. The only thing I was thinking of was maybe my elbow hit out of bounds before my knee hit."